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Need to postpone your wedding due to Covid-19? Here is where to start.

If, due to coronavirus (or Covid-19) crisis, you are considering the possibility of postponing the wedding for a few months, this guide will be very useful to know where to start.

These situations are completely unpredictable, which require quick decisions and, above all, a calm and positive attitude. Discover in this practical guide the steps to follow.

1. Talk to providers as soon as possible

Given the impossibility of celebrating the wedding, the first step that must be taken is to contact all the contracted providers: musicians (or entertainment agency), caterers, photographers, florists, pastry chefs... In the exceptional situation we are experiencing, surely all the professionals will help you as they possibly can and they will guarantee you a future date. To be sure of what the cancellation policies are in each of the cases, consult the contracts carefully to know what your options are regarding total or partial refunds. The important thing is to reach an agreement as soon as possible and that is equally beneficial for both parties.

2. Cancel or change the date in the registry office or/and the church.

It is another important step that you should not forget. You can probably cancel the date in the registry office through its website or call the church to communicate it personally. Talk to the manager and try to come to an agreement so the payment can be used to set the new date.

3. Communicate the postponement to the guests.

Although it is possible that many of them have already contacted you to find out if the wedding was still happening, it is important that you send them an "official" message about it. How? If you had created a website, use it to inform them that, due to the current situation, the wedding is postponed for a few months. You can also explain that you will get in touch with them as soon as you agree a new date with the suppliers. Also express your availability if they need help changing or cancelling any bookings related to the wedding. Solidarity and interest on your part will be very well received.

Other options are to send them emails or to call them directly. Surely in this task, your parents, brothers and closest friends will be delighted to help you.

4. Decide what to do with other details.

Delaying the wedding does not imply losing everything you already had prepared. Items such as the wedding dress, the wedding decorations, the rings or the groom suit will continue to be equally valid. The dilemma is in those items that have the date engraved, such as wedding bands or gifts for wedding guests. In this case, you will have to decide if they are to be modified or you want to leave them as they are since, from the beginning, that was "the date" of your special day.

5. Make sure the documentation is in order

Weddings paperwork are usually valid for a few months. However, exceptional situations require exceptional measures, so before resuming all the necessary procedures, make sure paperwork is still valid in the registry or in the corresponding church, as the government may have set specific temporary restrictions.

6. Check the wedding insurance

Are you a very cautious person and have a wedding insurance? If so, contact the insurance agent to inform you of what your possibilities are. In general, this type of situation is not covered, but it does not hurt to make sure of what it covers and if it can be useful in a case like the current one.

7. Celebrate the day anyway

Despite the fact that emotions of all kinds will be in full bloom on a date that was going to be so important to you, the illusion for the big day is still there. So celebrate it somehow. A romantic dinner at home or watching a movie that reminds you of your love story can be a great way to do it.

8. Keep calm

Although it is more than normal if this exceptional situation causes you anxiety or sadness, the main thing is to try to stay calm. Openly talk about your feelings with your partner and with your loved ones, and try to maintain a positive attitude towards the situation. The wedding has not been canceled, but has been postponed. And surely you find another date that also seems wonderful to you.

Although having to postpone the wedding is not the ideal situation, everything can be solved in the best possible way. Especially thanks to the empathy and solidarity of many professionals in the sector, such as the caterers, the musicians, those responsible for the wedding invitations, the photographers, the stylists to whom you had entrusted the wedding hairstyle, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact Global Acts to reschedule any entertainment bookings at any event happening in 2020 or 2021. We understand your concerns and we will be as flexible and accommodating as possible.

Together... is possible!

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