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Let us help you find your dream wedding entertainment.

We understand the importance of finding the perfect musicians for your special day. We also understand that hiring a band for the first time can be a stressful and daunting experience. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and make booking a band stress free and exciting.


We have specialist acts who can add a personal touch to your ceremony. Perhaps you are looking for string quartets, organists, harpists and vocalists who can play your favourite song as you walk down the aisle. Our acts can also entertain your guests in style whilst you sign the register or play for you whilst you leave.


We're specialists at creating the right atmosphere for you. Maybe you are looking for an elegant jazz band to play smooth classics whilst you sip cocktails. Alternatively, we have roaming bands that can play classy covers of popular songs whilst interacting with your guests.


Jetting off abroad for your wedding? Take us with you. We'll take care of everything. Once you're connected with one of our entertainment specialists, we'll guide you through the booking process step by step. We have a global reach when it comes to world class entertainment and our team have in depth experience with booking and facilitating events abroad. On top of this, our team speak 5 different languages, simplifying the entire process.


For the time of night when people don't want to go home, we've got your back. We have DJ's, brass bands, and world class vocalists who will keep the party alive; perfect for hosting a pool party or an afterparty in a more intimate venue around the corner.

"Without Global Acts, we wouldn't have had the amazing entertainment
on our wedding day that we did."

Mr & Mrs Church

Wedding, Thailand

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