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AROUND THE HOUSES. An Online Jazz Festival And Musicians Relief Fundriser. April 15-19.

Together, we are facing extremely difficult times. The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating for the freelance performing arts community. Across the country, live performances have been cancelled and many venues have been forced to close.

The role of music has played a crucial part in the response of the community by bringing people together and lifting spirits. Having witnessed the success of ‘Live from our living Rooms’, a NYC based fundraising effort, AROUND THE HOUSES is proud to follow in their footsteps by bringing together some of the UK’s most talented jazz musicians to perform for you from the comfort of their own homes. (Around the houses is a classic 'brummie' phrase which mirrors the strong influence of Birmingham artists in the program.)

Here you can see the Full Program of the Festival:

All live stream sessions are free of charge and will be streamed from AROUND THE HOUSES Facebook page. Audiences will have the opportunity to donate online to help us raise desperately needed funds to support those in need.

100% of festival profits will be donated to the 'Help Musicians Coronavirus hardship fund' to support emerging, professional and retired musicians whose careers and income streams have been heavily impacted by the Covid - 19 pandemic.

Organised and presented by Alex Woods with the support of Global Acts Ltd, TDE Promotions and Stoney Lane Records.


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